• Pilot Luke Pixel Art

    Pilot Luke Pixel Art

    This is Luke's outfit as a starfighter pilot. In it he fought in the battle of Yavin, destroyed Imperial walkers on Hoth, and crash landed on Dagobah. See more

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  • Luke Skywalker Pixel Art

    Luke Skywalker Pixel Art

    Raised as a farmboy on Tatooine, Luke had no idea that he was the secret son of Darth Vader. See more

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  • Hoth Han Pixel Art

    Hoth Han Pixel Art

    Han's outfit from his adventures on Hoth. In it, he saved Luke inside a tauntaun, destroyed a probe droid, and escaped an Imperial attack. See more

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  • Endor Han Pixel Art

    Endor Han Pixel Art

    Han's outfit from his adventures on Endor. In it, he snuck by an Imperial fleet, joined an Ewok tribe, and destroyed the Death Star's shield genera... See more

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  • Bespin Han Pixel Art

    Bespin Han Pixel Art

    Han's outfit from his adventures on Bespin. In it, he was betrayed by Lando, frozen in carbonite, and taken away by Boba Fett. See more

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  • FX-7 Pixel Art

    FX-7 Pixel Art

    FX-7 was a medical assistant droid stationed with the Rebellion on Hoth's Echo base. See more

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  • IG-88 Pixel Art

    IG-88 Pixel Art

    A masterless assassin droid, greatly feared throughout the galaxy as a bounty hunter. See more

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  • Greedo Pixel Art

    Greedo Pixel Art

    A Rodian bounty hunter who fancied himself quite clever, not to mention a good shot. See more

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  • Dengar Pixel Art

    Dengar Pixel Art

    According to legend, Dengar blamed Han Solo for the accident that led to his becoming an emotionless cyber-assassin. See more

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  • 4-LOM Pixel Art

    4-LOM Pixel Art

    Once a simple protocol droid, his programming was later altered and he became a master thief. See more

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  • Ugnaught Pixel Art

    Ugnaught Pixel Art

    A small, piglike species with a checkered past of being put into bondage, fighting for freedom, and falling back into bondage. They helped build, a... See more

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  • TIE Pilot Pixel Art

    TIE Pilot Pixel Art

    With their signature black suits and breathing gear, Imperial combat pilots are well trained to turn the TIE fighter into a formidable and deadly v... See more

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  • Snowtrooper Pixel Art

    Snowtrooper Pixel Art

    Best identified by their long white breather mask, the Snowtrooper is a specialist Stormtrooper for arctic conditions. See more

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  • R2D2 Pixel Art

    R2D2 Pixel Art

    Something beyond the standard astromech droid, R2-D2 is a clever mechanic and pilot's aid, boasting an impressive array of special tools. See more

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  • Officer Pixel Art

    Officer Pixel Art

    Highly educated, skilled, and natural leaders, Stormtrooper officers commanded the ranks of the Empire's notorious Stormtrooper Corps. See more

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  • Lando Calrissian Pixel Art

    Lando Calrissian Pixel Art

    Whether as gambler, rogue or businessman, Lando Calrissian preferred to avoid Imperial entanglements. See more

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