Brik Book Lite (PC and Mac)
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Building Brick Laptop Cover

  • Customize your laptop with over 6,000 designs!
  • Peel & stick! Reuse multiple times. (Patent Pending)
  • Compatible with 12"-17" laptops
  • Compatible with LEGO®, LEGO DUPLO® and most major brick building sets.
  • This product is not associated or endorsed by LEGO®, LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group® of companies.
  • Click Here for the MacBook version.

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The World's Most Creative Case

Finally, a case you can make your own! The patent pending BRIK® stick-on laptop cover can be customized over and over again. You'll never run out of cool things to build :)

Supercharge your Brik Book with Bonus Items

Bonus Items are included for 0.99 with any Brik Book!

Brik Clips Key Holder

Brik Clips

  • Organize Cables
  • Hang Keys
  • Build Shelves
  • Hold Artwork
  • and more!

Brik Removal Tool makes clearing your design easy!

BRIK® Removal Tool

The BRIK® Removal Tool is the fastest way to clear your Brik Tiles and get started on your next pixel art project. When used with official Briks, this simple tool clears dozens of briks in a single swipe.

Use the assorted Briks to build pixel art

Assorted Briks

Use your 100 assorted Briks to build amazing pixel art! Looking for inspiration? is a free tool for creating your own artwork or browsing over 8,000 designs generated by the community.

Some Nice Things People Have Said About Brik Book


I LOVE LOVE LOVE My BRIK Book cover! It is so amazing! So many options and ways I can customize my Macbook. I have a Retina 15 Macbook Pro 15 and it fits it like a glove. I can change the style, and look on a whim, and give my Mac a ned design anytime I want. The bricks stay on, and I never worry about them popping off. I'm also an 8bit junky and this give's me the ability to really build and customize 8bit scenes on my Mac. I love it and can't recommend the BRIK Book cover enough! It's built tough, and protects well! Outside of just being fun, it's a great cover too!



I'm not truly a Lego fan but I totally like this idea and backed their campaign on Kickstarter, received the case and pieces and went on buying more from them :) Beyond everything I've enjoyed my Brik Book so far, I've found it a brilliant icebreaker/conversation starter, as I'm only recently transferred to the HQ of my company from overseas, this case that covers up my company-owned MacBook have helped bring up many lively conversations and discussions when people were simply sitting idly in the room. Well, I do realize this unexpected use will eventually wear off, but it's been a pleasant serendipity for me already, helped me make friends with many who might just remain colleagues otherwise.



Brik Book is my favorite MacBook accessory, hands down. I used to slap a ton of stickers on the lid of my MacBooks (a trait I adopted from some Japanese friends over 10 years ago), which is fun and cool, until my inevitable date with a bottle of Goo Gone when it was time to hand my MacBook on to its next owner. I love LEGOs and always have, and Brik Book allows me to unleash my inner child in the form of fun designs that are easy to create, update and change on a whim. Start with a couple of their design kits (available on their website) then graduate to their tubes of extra Briks and create your own. Brik Book is unique, insanely fun and a great conversation starter. I can't recommend it enough




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BRIK® is proud to have started its business on Kickstarter. Without the help of the community, we wouldn't be able to spend our lives doing what we love: inspiring play for kids of all ages.

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