brik for business

BRIK is the perfect way to spark creativity in the office! Companies around the world from Amazon to Zigbee have "Briked" their businesses. Use Brik Book to build a pixel version of your company logo or have your sales team build the logo of their clients before an office visit.

Company Pack

• 5 Brik Book Minimum (Check MacBook Compatibility)
• Custom Company Logo (see examples below)
• Discounted Brik Book Price
• Free Pixel Logo Design
• Free Domestic Shipping 

Next Steps

1.) Email Your Logo to
2.) Approve Your Design
3.) Place Order
4.) Delight Your Office


"It was universally loved at one conference I was just at, and later that week I walked into a major customer meeting with it, only to find the Sr manager at the customer had hers on as well. It's consistently been a great talking point and ice breaker in both coffee shops and business meetings." - Daniel M.


Brik Book Business Gallery:

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