Structure Kit
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LEGO® Compatible Structure Kit

  • Removable! Use on walls!
  • Compatible with the bricks you have at home.*
  • Perfect for sunglasses, pens and business cards.
  • Build 1 of 4 different designs!






    A Happier Home

    Finally, a toy you don’t have to worry about tripping over. The patent-pending BRIK® removable adhesive system means creative wall art without Crayon® cleanup or damage to your walls.




    Supercharge your Brik Tiles with Bonus Items

    Creative Brik accessories sold separately: 

    Brik Clips Key Holder

    Brik Clips

    • Organize Cables
    • Hang Keys
    • Build Shelves
    • Hold Artwork
    • and more!

    Brik Removal Tool makes clearing your design easy!

    BRIK® Removal Tool

    The BRIK® Removal Tool is the fastest way to clear your Brik Tiles and get started on your next pixel art project. When used with official Briks, this simple tool clears dozens of briks in a single swipe.

    Use the assorted Briks to build pixel art

    Assorted Briks

    Use 1x1 Briks to build amazing pixel art! Looking for inspiration? is a free tool for creating your own artwork or browsing over 6,000 designs generated by the community.

    Some Nice Things People Have Said About Us


    Fun for kids (both young and those posing as adults)

    I've been using Brik since their BrikCase that I have on my MBP, and I love them. I was excited when this came out and have 6 on my kids walls. They go on super easy, and the kids love building decks, bases, and platforms for their lego creations.



    Great product, well made, glad I purchased these for my son.

    My son LOVES Lego's and this gives him a whole new dimension to build them in. He still uses his all the time.



    Really great fun product!

    I was in from the beginning with Kickstarter and after the product arrived, I went back for more!



    Not just for the kids.

    You can't just get one for the kids, thinking you won't be all over this. When you realize how useful it is, e.g. dealing with your keys, a place to rest your cellphones for charging... this, coupled with a magnetic charging adapter for my devices, is awesome. Yes, the kids have fun with it too.



    My Favorite Office Toy, and I Have a Fidget Spinner!

    I am a Brik Tile fan! I have a set in my office at work and it has created quite a buzz on campus at North Greenville University. I change it around about once a month so people notice it more often and so I have an excuse to play with Briks (I am a 53-year-old female, haha!). I do not have one at home at this time only because my grandson lives with us and he is two-and-a-half- years-old and into everything! There are so many designs online and a design maker that is free to use, I made our school logo using this tool and now I am just waiting to order my new Briks so I can make it in time for the new school year. I plan to put it on my office door to welcome our new and returning students. Go ahead and get the set, you know you want to, and you will not be disappointed. HAVE FUN!



    * compatible with LEGO® , Mega Bloks® , Kreo®


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