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Build on your walls with LEGO® bricks! (Removable)

• Compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks and Kreo.
• Apply to walls, doors, dressers, refrigerators and more!
• Removable design allows for removal on almost any smooth surface.
• Build pixel art, cable organizers, small shelves and more.  

6-Pack Kit +Bonus Items ($90+ Value)
Everything you need to build a LEGO® wall in a box!

6 Brik Tiles
6 Brik Clips
300 Assorted Briks
1 Brik Removal Tool

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Iron Man Wall Lamp

LEGO Starry Night

Tetris Office Organizer

How does Brik Tile work?

1.) Browse the gallery for thousands of FREE design templates or...
2.) Create your own design using Brik Build
3.) Click "Get the Briks" to add the Briks to your order
4.) Start building on your walls! Install in seconds! (Removable Adhesive)

About Brik Tile

We've been developing and prototyping these 10"x10" Brik Tiles (patent pending) for over a year. Each Brik Tile is backed with a temporary adhesive and can be applied multiple times to almost any smooth surface. Unlike traditional baseplates, Brik Tiles can be attached next to each other directly (without the need for gaps or spacers).

Lego Wall

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Not just for pixel art. Brik Tile can be used to organize cables, hang photos, display cards or virtually any type of small shelf. Apply at home or at the office!

    Lego Wall Ideas

    Brik Clips are perfect for hanging art work, photos, cables, keys and more. Every pre-order customer will receive a Brik Clip with every Brik Tile.

    Brik Clips

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