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Build on your walls! LEGO® Compatible Removable Wall Tiles!

• LEGO Compatible: Also compatible with Mega Bloks, Kreo and other major brands.
• Removable: Safely apply to walls, doors, refrigerators and other smooth surfaces!
• Imagine and Build! Build pixel art, cable organizers, small shelves and more.

Everything you need to build a LEGO® wall in a box!

Brik Tile 6-Pack

Get Inspired with Brik Art!

Brik Storm TrooperLEGO Starry NightTetris Office Organizer

What Builders Are Saying About Brik Tile!

★ Fun for kids (both young and those posing as adults) - JGretz

I've been using Brik since their BrikCase that I have on my MBP, and I love them. I was excited when this came out and have 6 on my kids walls. They go on super easy, and the kids love building decks, bases, and platforms for their lego creations.

★ Really great fun product!- AC

I was in from the beginning with Kickstarter and after the product arrived, having seen how the product lived up to its promise, I went back for more! The quality is a great match for original Lego bricks and the tiles are very easy to use (if only the walls in my old house were a bit flatter!). My two children (9 and 3 years old) love using them to make art to share with the family. Nanny and Grampy have had two pictures framed! Customer service is both personal and efficient.

★ Great product, well made, glad I purchased these for my son. - Myron

I bought this product on Kickstarter and I am so glad that I did. My son LOVES Lego's and this gives him a whole new dimension to build them in. He still uses his all the time and we set up new designs on their website that he can then build on the wall. I would highly recommend this product.

★ My Favorite Office Toy, and I Have a Fidget Spinner! - Beth

I am a Brik Tile fan! I have a set in my office at work and it has created quite a buzz on campus at North Greenville University. I change it around about once a month so people notice it more often and so I have an excuse to play with Briks (I am a 53-year-old female, haha!). I do not have one at home at this time only because my grandson lives with us and he is two-and-a-half- years-old and into everything! There are so many designs online and a design maker that is free to use, I made our school logo using this tool and now I am just waiting to order my new Briks so I can make it in time for the new school year. I plan to put it on my office door to welcome our new and returning students. Go ahead and get the set, you know you want to, and you will not be disappointed. HAVE FUN!

How does Brik Tile work?

1.) Browse the gallery for thousands of FREE design templates or...
2.) Create your own design using Brik Build
3.) Click "Get the Briks" to add the Briks to your order
4.) Start building on your walls! Install in seconds! (Removable Adhesive)

About Brik Tile

We've been developing and prototyping these 10"x10" Brik Tiles (patent pending) for over a year. Each Brik Tile is backed with a temporary adhesive and can be applied multiple times to almost any smooth surface. Unlike traditional baseplates, Brik Tiles can be attached next to each other directly (without the need for gaps or spacers).

Lego Wall

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Not just for pixel art. Brik Tile can be used to organize cables, hang photos, display cards or virtually any type of small shelf. Apply at home or at the office!

    Lego Wall Ideas

    Brik Clips are perfect for hanging art work, photos, cables, keys and more. Every pre-order customer will receive a Brik Clip with every Brik Tile.

    Brik Clips

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