Galaxy Collection
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Build Your Own Wall Art!

Brik Tile Wall Tiles are NOT Included with this kit.

Wall Tile 6-Packs can be purchased here.

This kit includes over 2,500 Briks to create all 6 characters and the black borders.

star wars lego

$ 79.99




A Home from Another Galaxy

Finally, a toy you don’t have to worry about tripping over. The patent-pending BRIK® removable adhesive system means creative wall art without Crayon® cleanup.


Galaxy Kit


Kit Includes ($136 Value):

1,400 Black Briks
225 White Briks
125 Brown Briks
100 Gray Briks
150 Dark Gray Briks
100 Light Green Briks
25 Pink Briks
50 Red Briks
25 Orange Briks
25 Yellow Briks
125 Green Briks
25 Light Blue Briks
100 Blue Briks
100 Tran Briks
6 Digital Building Templates

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