• The Brik team searches Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at the end of each month for photos shared with hashtag #brikbuild
  • Winners are selected based on design and photo originality.
  • Winners receive 1,000 free Briks!

Inspire play :)

May 2017 Design Winner (mistersmith_cgn)

 May Storm Trooper BRIK Design Winner

April 2017 Design Winner (greenaway_t)

Light House April Design Winner

March 2017 Design Winner (justjeri)

Peanuts Snoopy LEGO Wall

February 2017 Design Winner (jasonogrady)

Batman LEGO MacBook Case

January 2017 Design Winner (chrisyeoh)

Brik LEGO Chinese New Year

December 2016 Design Winner (chrisyeoh)

 Rogue One MacBook Case

November 2016 Design Winner (aranasaurus)

Mega Man Christmas

October 2016 Design Winner (glowtron)

Dr. Strange Lego MacBook Case

September 2016 Design Winner (azrayl)

Superman MacBook LEGO Case BRIK

August 2016 Design Winner (lennart h.)

Spaceman Lego Logo

July 2016 Design Winner (chrisyeoh)

Ghostbusters MacBook Case Pixel Art

June 2016 Design Winner (chrisyeoh)

Finding Dory MacBook Case Pixel Art


May 2016 Design Winner (Jon. M)

Final Fantasy MacBook Case Pixel Art

April 2016 Winners (teague1984) & (knite20)

Game Thrones - Alice Wonderland MacBook 

March 2016 Winner (@glowtron)

Superman Batman MacBook Case Pixel Art


February 2016 Winner (@talktochu)


January 2016 Winner (@MrKelly027)