While all of our products are guaranteed to be free from damage or defects, it is not our policy to offer refunds or returns on items received as Kickstarter rewards.

The support we received from our Kickstarter backers is what enabled us to bring Brik products to market. In the Kickstarter community, the items that you receive after making a pledge are referred to as “rewards” because they are not purchases in the traditional sense. They're gifts that are sent to our supporters as a token of appreciation for their support of our business. In the same way that public television funds their service through the pledges of their supporters, who in turn receive gifts and continued programming, we have chosen to run and grow our business on a crowdfunded business model.

We appreciate your understanding of our policy and the support you've given us. If your reward truly offers no value to you, here are a few things that you could do in the spirit of crowdfunding… 

  1. Give your reward to a friend. Your reward might not work for you, but there are many folks out there who might find them very valuable. We’d love for you to share Brik with a friend.
  2. Sell your reward to somebody. Kickstarter rewards were purchased as much as 40% below the retail value – if you want to recuperate that value and possibly even more, throw your reward up on eBay.

Thank you again for your support and understanding, and please contact us if you have any questions.