Brik Poster Designs

Morton Koopa Jr. Brick Poster

Morton Koopa Jr. is the only Koopaling to have a brown skin tone and is often depicted as the largest Koopaling.

Larry Koopa Brick Poster

Larry Koopa is the youngest Koopaling who is often seen at the forefront of the Koopalings' antics, and he wields the orange magic wand.

Iggy Koopa Brick Poster

Iggy Koopa, or simply just Iggy, is one of the seven Koopaling children.

Ludwig von Koopa Brick Poster

Ludwig von Koopa is the eldest who possesses a magnificent intelligence most likely superior to that of the other Koopalings.

Lemmy Koopa Brick Poster

Lemmy, also like Iggy, is often shown to be klutzy and dizzy most of the time, and is normally seen balancing atop or holding an orange ball with s...

Roy Koopa Brick Poster

Roy Koopa's head and sunglasses are pink (as was his shell originally), likely in reference to "real men/tough guys wear pink", and he wields the b...

Wendy O. Koopa Brick Poster

Wendy O. Koopa is the only female Koopaling, and she wields the purple magic wand.