Brik Poster Designs

Sofi's King Boo Brick Poster


Mario Tanooki Brick Poster

Mario Tanooki from Super Mario Bross 3

Pirhanna on Pipe Brick Poster

This is the classic villian from mario. Designed to fit on a 15" macbook with touch bar

Super Mario Brick Poster

It's me, Mario!

Mario Key Brick Poster

<span class="st">Letting players lock doors and hide keys in their Mario Maker levels opens up brand new types of user-created levels. Exciti...

Mario Castle Brick Poster

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Mario Block Brick Poster

Watch Mario punch the 8bit block!

Goomba Mario Brick Poster

8Bbit Goomba is a recurring enemy in the Mario series. They're brown mushroom-like creatures with legs.

yoshi egg Brick Poster

yoshi is a very important character in Super Mario bros. This is the baby version of the iconic character!

Coin Mario Brick Poster

<span class="st">For some reason, Coins appear when you smash enemies! Don't you just love them?<br></span>

Caped Mario Brick Poster

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Boo Mario Brick Poster

Pixel Boos are common pixel ghost enemies in the Mario series that first appear in 8bit Super Mario Bros. 3. They are a type of white spherical gho...