Brik Poster Designs

Flying Mario Brick Poster

Let's fly with the 8bit Mario as he tries to rescue Princess Peach.

Fighter Fly Arcade Brick Poster

With their ability to hop, the 8bit Fighter Fly will surely cause trouble for Mario and Luigi!

Coin Mario Brick Poster

<span class="st">For some reason, Coins appear when you smash enemies! Don't you just love them?<br></span>

Boom Boom Brick Poster

8bit Boom Boom helps Bowser and the Koopalings invade the Mushroom World's seven kingdoms. To defeat Boom Boom, Mario has to jump on his head three...

Big Mario Brick Poster

Big Mario is the form Mario takes after obtaining a Big Mushroom in Super Mario Maker.

Big Mario Brick Poster

Let's follow Mario's adventures in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom!

Big Bertha Mario Brick Poster

8bit Big Bertha always carry Baby Cheeps in her mouth, occasionally letting them out. After a few seconds, the baby will return to its parent's mouth.