Brik Poster Designs

Mule Brick Poster


Komodo Dragon Brick Poster


Hummingbird Brick Poster


Dachshund Brick Poster


Blackbird Brick Poster


Big Piranha Plant Brick Poster

This 8bit Piranha plant have been placed strategically by Bowser<a href="" title="Bowser"></a> to impede...

Astonished Face Emoji Brick Poster

An Astonished Face Emoji Pixel Art with a wide open mouth, gasping.

Wildcat Brick Poster

The pixel wildcat shows a high degree of location variation. Whereas the 8bit Asiatic wildcat is spotted, the 8bit African wildcat is faintly strip...

White Frowning Face Emoji Brick Poster

A Frowning Face Emoji Pixel Art with an unhappy mouth curving downward. Frowning more than the slightly frowning face.

Unamused Face Emoji Brick Poster


Spongebob Meme Brick Poster

Everyones favourite sponge in 8 bit

Spiny Egg Brick Poster

8bit <span class="st">Spiny Eggs are small, usually red balls covered in spikes. They are the projectiles thrown by Lakitus.</span>