• Zabrak Pixel Art

    Zabrak Pixel Art

    Independent by nature, the many-horned Zabrak are best known for their facial tattoos and their martial prowess. See more

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  • Weequay Pixel Art

    Weequay Pixel Art

    Often found working as bodyguards and pirates, the Weequay come from a harsh desert environment. See more

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  • Weechee Pixel Art

    Weechee Pixel Art

    Weechee is considered one of the strongest Ewok warriors. See more

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  • Twi'lek Pixel Art

    Twi'lek Pixel Art

    The colorful skin and prehensile head-tentacles of the Twi'leks give them a reputation for beauty as well as intelligence. See more

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  • Tusken Raider Pixel Art

    Tusken Raider Pixel Art

    Primitive desert savages of Tatooine, the Tusken Raiders (also known as Sand People) fear nothing--though they might run for a moment from the soun... See more

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  • Trandoshan Pixel Art

    Trandoshan Pixel Art

    Known for their strength as well as their violent tendencies, the reptilian Trandoshan Bossk is among the bounty hunter crew hired by Darth Vader. See more

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  • Toydarian Pixel Art

    Toydarian Pixel Art

    Small, winged aliens who prefer fluttering to walking, Toydarians are the galaxy's consummate merchants. See more

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  • Togruta Pixel Art

    Togruta Pixel Art

    Though the Togruta are known for their teamwork and group instincts, some of the most famous Togruta in history were instead known for their indivi... See more

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  • Teek Pixel Art

    Teek Pixel Art

    Teek has the ability to run incredibly fast and is a native of Endor. In his free time he plays the flute. See more

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  • Teebo Pixel Art

    Teebo Pixel Art

    Teebo is an aspiring medicine man and Logray's apprentice. See more

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  • Tarfful Pixel Art

    Tarfful Pixel Art

    Tarfful and Chewbacca are dear old friends who fought bravely together in the Battle of Kashyyyk. See more

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  • Talz Pixel Art

    Talz Pixel Art

    Talz live hidden in the frozen wastes of their harsh home planet, where thick fur and multiple sets of eyes help them survive. See more

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  • Swamptrooper Pixel Art

    Swamptrooper Pixel Art

    Their green armor conceals special respirators and other equipment that allows these Imperial soldiers to operate in swampy environments. See more

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  • Spiker Pixel Art

    Spiker Pixel Art

    Spiker loves riding his swoop bike... into walls. See more

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  • Snivvian Pixel Art

    Snivvian Pixel Art

    Snaggletooth grins and oversized snouts are the telltale features of Snivvians. See more

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  • Skakoan Pixel Art

    Skakoan Pixel Art

    In order to survive on almost any other planet in the galaxy aside from their homeworld, the Skakoans require special pressure suits. See more

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