Pixel Art, 8-Bit Art, Lego Art

Tanooki Suit Mario Pixel Art

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Spike Shell Mario Pixel Art

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a classic sailing ship on the sea

Mushroom Mario Pixel art

<span class="st">The Mega Mushroom is a rare variety of mushroom found in the Mushroom Kingdom!</span>

Mario P Wing Pixel Art

<span class="_Tgc">The P-Wing allows Mario or Luigi to fly in the air with their Raccoon forms for an unlimited amount of time.</span>

Mario Key Pixel Art

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Jelectro Pixel Art

Mario should try and swim slowly when surrounded by the 8bit Jelectro. They are invincible to all attacks. Can Mario defeat them?

Fire Nipper Plant Pixel Art

The 8bit Fire Nipper plant resembles Munchers. Nipper Plants sport visible jaws that make them appear to be more menacing.

Buster Beetle Pixel Art

8bit <span class="st">Buster Beetles are bipedal, strong, and quick moving Buzzy Beetles that throw ice blocks at Mario and Luigi. </span>

Bill Blastern Pixel Art

The 8bit Bill Blasters first appear in World 5-1 in Super Mario Bros<i>. </i>They were placed throughout the Mushroom Kingdom during Bo...

Baby Cheep Pixel art

The 8bit Baby Cheeps, or baby Cheep-Cheeps,<sup id="cite_ref-2" class="reference"><a href="http://www.mariowiki.com/Baby_Cheep#cite_note-2...

Flying Mario Pixel art

Let's fly with the 8bit Mario as he tries to rescue the princess.