• Magic Lamp Pixel Art

    Magic Lamp Pixel Art

    The magic lamp is an oil lamp that can be rubbed in order to summon a genie who grants wishes. See more

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  • Prince Ali Pixel Art

    Prince Ali Pixel Art

    Make way for Prince Ali! See more

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  • Rajah Pixel Art

    Rajah Pixel Art

    Rajah is Jasmine's pet tiger and was originally a circus tiger as a cub, who found his way into the Sultan's palace after escaping the touring circ... See more

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  • Genie Pixel Art

    Genie Pixel Art

    The Genie is a fictional Jinn appearing in Walt Disney Pictures' animated feature film Aladdin. See more

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  • Magic Carpet Pixel Art

    Magic Carpet Pixel Art

    The Magic Carpet (better known as just Carpet ) is a sentient carpet, and supporting character from the Aladdin franchise. See more

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