• Carl Fredricksen Pixel Art

    Carl Fredricksen Pixel Art

    Following Ellie's death, Carl became lonely, cranky, and bitter and misses his wife terribly, but became nicer with Russell's help. See more

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  • Dug Pixel Art

    Dug Pixel Art

    Dug is a dog with a special collar that gives him the ability to talk. See more

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  • Russell Pixel Art

    Russell Pixel Art

    Russell is a Junior Wilderness Explorer who accompanied Carl Fredricksen to Paradise Falls. See more

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  • Up Carl Pixel Art

    Up Carl Pixel Art

    Carl Fredricksen (born 1931) is the protagonist of Disney/Pixar's 2009 feature film Up. He is a cranky and widowed 78-year-old retired balloon sale... See more

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