Laptop Case

Twyla Laptop Case

If Twyla were reduced to a single word, it would be "shy", which is due to being a boogeyman and living in the shadows.

Toralei Stripe Laptop Case

Toralei Stripe is a werecat and a student at Monster High. Her best friends in life, to the point that they, for all intents and purposes are siste...

Rochelle Goyle Laptop Case

Rochelle is from Scaris, France. She occupied a roof near a great cathedral. For most of her life, her social atmosphere has been occupied solely b...

Lagoona Blue Laptop Case

Lagoona is a student at Monster High, having come all the way from the Great Scarrier Reef to expand her horizons.

Draculaura Laptop Case

Draculaura is a vampire, specifically the daughter of Dracula through adoption, and a student at Monster High. Having spent much of her childhood a...

Cleo De Nile Laptop Case

Cleo de Nile is a mummy, though born human, and a student at Monster High. As royalty, Cleo is unsurprisingly the queen of the student body, though...

Clawdeen Wolf Laptop Case

Clawdeen Wolf is a werewolf, who is a student at Monster High and who comes from a family with many children—among which Clawdia, Clawd, and Howleen.

Catrine Demew Laptop Case

Catrine DeMew is a werecat and a student at Monster High. She was born and raised in Scaris, France, which instilled in her a love for art.

Abbey Bominable Laptop Case

Abbey Bominable is an inhabitant of the Himalaya mountain range, but has traveled to the Boonited States of Scaremerica to enroll at Monster High o...

Monster High Skull Laptop Case

The Skullette is one of the two symbols of Monster High and incorporated in most versions of the other symbol, which is the crest of Monster High.