Strength Rune

The Strength rune gives Shadowhunters a short but intense burst of increased physical strength.

Speed Rune

The Heightened Speed rune, or simply known as the Speed rune, is a Mark that enables the wearer to move at great speed when required, in any enviro...

Soundless Rune

The Soundless rune is a short-lived rune that allows a Shadowhunter to move about soundlessly as required to avoid detection.

Promise Rune

If one breaks their promise to stand by the truth, the rune is cut in half by magic.

Opportunity Rune

For Shadowhunters, runes are a complex runic language given to them by the Angel Raziel.

Love Rune

It is a love that is totally selfless where a person gives love to another person even if this act does not benefit him/her in any way.

Knowledge Rune

The most common tools of the Shadowhunters.

Good Luck Rune

A rune designed to boost a hunter's luck in battle.

Gift Rune

Runes are burned into Shadowhunters' skin using steles, and are their most common tool in their fight against demons.

Calm Anger Rune

Calm Anger helps control one's anger and decisions that could cause dangerous situations.

Faith Rune

Runes, also known as Marks, are symbols that grant beings various supernatural abilities, with both angelic and demonic runes known to exist.

Equilibrium Rune

The Equilibrium rune gives the wearer perfect balance.