Love Monster

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Hungry Monster

An adorable monster friend suffering from a lack of food.


Contrary to popular belief, killing Temmieaccrues EXP and is considered a kill by the game, which will cause a True Pacifist Route attempt to fail.


Temmie is a species of monster in the Underground.


"Burgerpants" is an employee at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium, a fast-food restaurant located inside MTT Resort.


Bratty is a tall, green alligator monster that wears a primarily pink shawl with yellow and blue details on the sides. She has yellow hair that flo...


Frankenstein's monster is a fictional character from Mary Shelley's 1818 novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

Frankenstein Day

August 30 is Frankenstein Day.

Undertale Undyne

Undyne, known as StrongFish91 on the UnderNet, is a fish-like monster that leads the Royal Guard.


Monsters, Inc. is Pixar's fourth feature film. At the Monsters, Inc. factory, skilled individuals called "scarers" access the human world through c...

Ickis Ahh Real Monsters

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Frankenstein is a DC Comics character based on the Frankenstein's monster character created by Mary Shelley.