• Dr. Facilier

    Dr. Facilier

    Doctor Facilier is an evil, smooth-talking bokor (witch doctor) who plots to rule New Orleans with help from his "friends on the other side." See more

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  • Stethoscope


    The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body. See more

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  • Dr. Harleen Quinzel

    Dr. Harleen Quinzel

    Dr. Harleen Quinzel, M.D. was a psychiatric intern for Professor Hugo Strange who worked in Blackgate Penitentiary. She would later become known as... See more

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  • Doctor Who

    Doctor Who

    <p><img src="//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0822/1983/files/macbook-case-lego-doctor-who_large.jpg?v=1489987687" alt=""></p><p>... See more

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  • One Piece Chopper

    One Piece Chopper

    Tony Tony Chopper, also known as "Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper, is the doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates. See more

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  • Doc Hudson

    Doc Hudson

    Doc Hudson is a car of few words but many talents. He not only serves as the town judge, he's also Radiator Springs' resident doctor. See more

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